Valentines Day Thoughts

I feel like everybody hates Valentines Day, and I kinda get it. I get that it was created by card companies and if you’re not in a romantic relationship you can feel lonely and frustrated with all of this love being thrust in your face. I know people will say that I have no room to talk cause I’m in a loving marriage and have been with someone for many Valentines days. And you can call me Mary Sunshine if you want but the way I see Valentines Day is as a reminder, that’s automatically programmed into all of our calendars, to tell the ones we care for how much we love them. To be grateful and reflect on all the love we feel and have felt for all the different relationships in our life. Whether it’s our parents, best friends, siblings, lovers, animals, children, whatevs! Oh and of course to eat lots of chocolate and drink cute cocktails! Why the heck not?! In this world that we live in, where everybody is constantly bombarded with hate and negativity and injustice, why wouldn’t we take every opportunity to celebrate LOVE?! The thing that helps us rise above all the crazy shit happening. The thing that impassions us to pursue our goals and dreams. The thing that reminds us to hope for more and better. The thing that trumps hate. The love that we feel for each other and openly share will make the world a better place. And you know I’m right. So go out there and tell the ones you love, that you freaking love them! Shout it from a mountain top! Do it! You will be glad you did:)

Britta Whittenberg