Doing circuits with Burpees the Whittenberg way made parts of my body I was unaware of want to cry, I’ve never wanted to quit anything so much but with Britta no quitta allowed. 10 / 10 would cry again.
— Ian, 39, Software Engineer

Britta is the best! She helped me get in shape for my wedding. The great thing about Britta’s workouts are she will personalize them for you. She puts together routines that work for schedule and your body, leaving no room for excuses! Not only would she send me 4 workouts a week, she kept me accountable; periodically checking in and making sure I stayed on track. I am so happy with the results. It was worth every penny.
— Abbe, 30, performer

Training with Britta is like working with a fireball of positive energy. Her passion and enthusiasm is a contagious burst that will drive you through that last set, be the calming voice that steers you away from the cheeseburger, and helps helps you focus on what it really takes to reach your fitness goals.
— -Ryan, 38, Choreographer

Went to my final fitting today for my dress and it was sooo baggy!! I lost 2 inches in my waist and almost an inch on my thighs!!! Had to get it taken in again! Her stuff is working. Thank you for everything, Britta!!
— Leslie, 29, Teacher